AI、AR/VR和医疗 苹实公司的收买进幅员一齐竟拥

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  Many of Apple's acquisitions have ended up integrated into products today. What can recent acquisitions tell us about future projects?

  With WWDC starting today, we used CB Insights data to analyze Apple’s private acquisitions and create a timeline of activity since 2010.

  The company has made 62 disclosed acquisitions since 2010, though only 13 of them were before 2013. There is a distinct uptick in the number of acquisitions that have happened in the last few years, compared to pre-2014. Most recently, Apple has been particularly active in making AI acquisitions, spanning speech recognition, computer vision, and facial recognition. In addition, the company has also made acquisitions in the AR/VR space.

  Below is a snapshot of the activity from our platform.


  Since 2010, most of Apple’s acquisitions have been of Series A companies, including FoundationDB, Cue, and Apple’s largest acquisition was Beats for $3B in 2014, but the company has made a total of 11 acquisitions with disclosed valuations above $100M since 2010. Others include Anobit Technologies and PrimeSense. Madrona Venture Group has had the most portfolio companies acquired by Apple, including Lattice Data, Turi, and Union Bay Networks.

  Thematically, Apple has invested in several areas including:

  AI: Recently, Apple has been on an acquisition spree for artificial intelligence companies. After acquiring Siri in 2010, the company has made several speech acquisitions in recent years including VocalIQ and Novauris Technologies.

  AR/VR: Others AI acquisitions indicate AR/VR applications like Emotient, RealFace, and Faceshift, which could have uses in facial recognition and machine vision. Other AR acquisitions include the purchases of FlyBy Media and metaio.

  Healthcare: Some acquisitions suggest that Apple could be getting into healthcare (Gliimpse, Beddit) and education (Sproutling) too. They also have patents in these areas that suggest they might be looking more seriously, though at the moment they have been moving in cautiously.

  Chips & Semiconductors - Outside of Beats, Apple’s largest acquisitions were of semiconductor companies (Anobit Technologies, PrimeSense, AuthenTec). With the company reportedly on track to make their own AI chips, we could see more acquisitions in this area.

  App Store + Developer Tools – The company has made several acquisitions to improve search and discovery in the App Store (Chomp and Ottocat) and tools to help developers with ad management (Burstly).

  Photos – With photos becoming a more important part of the phone offering, the company made several acquisitions to help with photo management/sharing (Color, Polar Rose), camera applications (SnappyLabs), and camera quality itself (Linx Computational Imaging).

AI、AR/VR和医疗 苹实公司的收买
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